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Top Three Reasons to Hire a Professional Cat Sitter

Updated: May 10, 2019

If your cats could talk, they would tell you, "Please don't leave me home alone or take me to some strange place while you're away. Give me Petite Paws Austin instead!"

Myth: Cats are fine staying home alone. Just put out a giant bowl of food and huge bowl of water.

Reality: Anything can go wrong while you're away. Your cat can have a major or minor medical problem, or the water bowl (which should be full of fresh water - not nasty days-old water) could get tipped over or something could fall into it, just to name a few issues that can arise. Then there are home emergencies such as fire, flooding, and more. Or what if a smoke detector starts chirping constantly due to a low battery? Imagine your poor cat listening to that shrill sound for days on end.

Myth: Cats are loners, they'd rather be by themselves anyway. They won't notice I'm gone.

Reality: Your cats are used to interacting with you and other household members throughout the day. Leaving your cat alone can cause him/her to feel anxious, stressed out, abandoned, and confused. They have no idea if you're coming back or not.

Myth: I can take my cat to a "cat hotel" versus a "kennel" with a cage while I'm away. She/he will love it!

Reality:  There's no place like home! Cats are territorial and there's nothing better than being in familiar surroundings. Cat boarding may sound good, but unless your cats are used to going to new, unfamiliar places and thrive on change - and really, few cats do - they would feel much better and far less stressed out being cared for in the comfort of home sweet home. And those luxury cat hotels? Have you seen the prices? Some cost more than $45/night and there are often extra fees, including but not limited to an extra charge for food/feeding and "amenities" such as brushing and even personal play time and photos of your kitty. Also be aware that some cat boarding facilities advertise their cat cages using cute names, such as kitty condos or kitty cottages, which are actually small two-level cages, or something similar. This is akin to you staying in a 6 foot by 8 foot room for days on end.

At the end of the day, cats are better off being cared for in their home by a professional cat sitter who provides safe, loving care and personalized attention designed to meet your cat's specific needs and personality.

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