Service Areas

We're located in Zilker, zip code 78704, &

serve areas within around a 7 to 8 mile radius: 

Downtown, Zilker, Bouldin, Barton Hills, Travis Heights, South Lamar, 

South Congress, Westlake, Rollingwood, Treemont, etc.


If you're just outside our service area we may offer 

30-minute "Happy Kitty" visits or 60-minute "The Cat's Meow" visits.

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Pet Sitters International  |  Austin Pet Sitters Organization

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15 Minute Visit

The Basics

$15 per visit*


  • Fifteen minute in-home cat sitting visit.

  • Feed and water up to three cats, clean litter box.

  • Log visit, take notes, text or email cat parent.

  • Basic home security - check locked doors, pull window shades/blinds, switch lights on/off.

30 Minute Visit

The Basics & Extra TLC

$25 per visit*


Everything included in the 15-minute Kitty Express visit, plus:

  • More interaction, cuddles & play time with your cat.

  • Water up to five small house plants.

  • Pick up mail/small parcels from mail box.

  • Anxious Kitty calming auditory enrichment service option. Clinically-tested to help create a warm and safer feeling for your cat(s).

60 Minute Visit

Lavish Your Cat with Attention

$45 per visit*


Everything in the 30-minute Happy Kitty visit, plus:

  • Cats get lonely, too!
    This service provides more engagement, more together time, more play time, more pampering, more loving care and attention. Most clients choose The Cat's Meow for some of their visits to help ensure their kitties feel purrfectly loved, comfortable and well-cared for.

Video caption: Woman petting cat that is laying down. No sound.

  • No additional fee/surcharge for non-holiday weekend visits or last minute scheduling if available.

  • Medication administration is available with Happy Kitty and The Cat's Meow services. See FAQ.

  • Anxious Kitty is available as an optional free add-on if you choose daily Happy Kitty or The Cat's Meow cat sitting services.

  • $5 extra per visit for each additional cat over three cats. 

  • Visits scheduled on New Years Eve Day, New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas include a $5 surcharge/visit.

  • New clients must schedule a minimum of two sitting visits. The new client "meet and greet" visit is separate and provided free of charge. Single cat sits are available to existing clients.