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How Many Cat Sitter Visits Will My Pet Need?

Updated: Feb 26

Cats are creatures of habit and territorial by nature. They can feel stressed out and anxious when their regular routines are disrupted, which is why leaving your cat alone while you're away can result in a negative experience for them.

Hiring a cat sitter to care for your kitty while you're away is essential to their safety and well-being. We recommend at least one 30-minute drop-in visit daily. This provides enough time for some play and companionship compared to a 15-minute visit to clean the litter box, feed your cat, and provide clean water.

Whether your cat needs more visits a day depends on its specific needs, diet, age, health status, and whether they are used to having regular human companionship.

  1. Healthy Adult Cats: Once a day for 30 minutes is usually sufficient for most well-adjusted, healthy adult cats. During these visits, the cat sitter will feed the cat, change the water, clean the litter box, and provide some playtime or companionship. Consider two daily visits if your cat is used to having you around most of the day. Many of our clients mix and match our services daily - Kitty Express, Happy Kitty, The Cat's Meow.

  2. Kittens or Senior Cats: Kittens, seniors, or those with health issues typically need more frequent visits, up to two or three times a day. Kittens are energetic and require more play time and social interaction, while senior cats may need medication administered at specific times and more gentle, loving, understanding companionship.

  3. Cats with Special Needs: Cats that require medication and/or feeding at specific times of the day or have medical conditions that need monitoring often need more than one visit per day to ensure they're receiving proper care and they are doing OK.

  4. Personality and Behavior: Some cats are more sociable and may not do well with periods of solitude. If your cat is particularly attached to a human's company, consider a cat sitter who can spend significant time with your furry family member. Many of our clients with cats who are used to having someone around most of the day (including people with home offices), choose a 30-minute visit and a 60-minute visit daily. Some opt to alternate daily 30- and 60-minute visits.

  5. Safety and Comfort: At a minimum, a daily check is recommended for any cat to ensure they have not encountered any accidents or health issues and to maintain their routine as much as possible.

Remember, each cat is unique, and what works best for one may not be ideal for another. When deciding on the frequency of visits, it's important to assess your cat's personality, health, and habits. Additionally, we'll engage you in a detailed discussion about your cat's needs and preferences at the meet and greet to help ensure your pet is well taken care of in your absence. For existing clients, we'll ask for updates when you schedule with us again.

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