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Who Hires a Cat Sitter? Hint - Not Just "Crazy Cat Ladies!"

Updated: Mar 13

When someone discovers I'm a cat sitter, they often get a quizzical look on their face then ask what my clients are like. Naturally, the stereotype is the "crazy cat lady." (Come to think of it, I'm not even sure what this term means...a woman who's crazy about cats? Then I'm a crazy cat person and proud of it!)

But getting back to the question - the simple answer is they are pet owners who love and care about the safety and well-being of their kitties while they are away. To get into more detail, below are four types of people who hire a cat sitter.

1. Cat owners of all ages who travel on business. They include pilots and flight attendants, as well as actors, musicians, artists, etc., who tour or have shows out of town. I have some amazing owners who travel frequently on business and leisure. Not only do they want to ensure their cats are safe and happy in their absence, they miss their sweet fur babies! I send near real time notes to my clients about each visit along with photos, and email a video of their kitty playing, eating, napping, purring, etc., when possible.

2. Pet owners who go away for the weekend. People often take their dog(s) with them and leave the cat(s) home alone, so they have a cat sitter drop in. They may have a lake house or ranch they go to on the weekends. Others are regularly gone on the weekends when their children play sports away from home, or they are in the U.S. Military Reserves and away on weekend drills.

3. People who vacation often. (OK, this probably isn't a surprise!) These folks range from singles to working couples, families, and retirees who travel throughout the U.S. and the world. I recommend these clients typically include two or more 30-minute Happy Kitty visits or 60-minute The Cat's Meow visits per week, where I perform a light home security - check locked doors, pull window shades/blinds, switch lights on/off, water up to five small house plants, pick up mail/small parcels from mail box, brush their cat if they desire, etc.

4. Often, clients are just super busy business people with schedules that do not permit them much personal time during the week to play with their cats, clean the litter box, feed them fresh, wet food if they are used to it, etc. For this type of client, having me pop in two or three times a week during the day (Kitty Express or Happy Kitty visits) to take care of these things for them is the "purrfect" solution!

If you're a cat owner who lives in Austin and are planning to be away, please don't leave your cat(s) home alone without a sitter. Check out our blog on the Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Cat Sitter at for more information about why using a cat sitter is wise decision.

It's easy to become a Petite Paws Austin client. Visit to learn about our flexible services, service areas, and more.

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