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Keep It Fresh

Updated: Jul 11

When I was a kid and my parents asked me to clean and then fill the cat's water bowl with fresh water, I admit I'd cheat. Every single time, unless they were watching, I would just dump more water into the bowl to fill it and let my parents think I was their perfect little angel. Happily, I have reformed. I now understand how important it is for cats to have access to fresh, clean, uncontaminated water. Cats are genetically disposed to seek out clean water, just like we are. Stale, stagnant water is more likely to harbor disease. My rule of thumb: If I wouldn't want to drink it, my cat shouldn't have to drink it either. Are you with me?

Below are a few water bowl tips to consider. Cheers to clean, fresh water for all kitties!

- Get a bowl big enough for your cat to drink from without bending his/her whiskers.

- Use a glass or stainless steel bowl instead of a plastic bowl, which can harbor contaminants and bacteria. Ceramic is OK, but not my first choice. Watch out for lead glazed paint. Plus, small scratches in the glaze can act as a bacteria breeding ground.

- Not big into washing your cat's bowl with warm, soapy water every day? Buy two or three dishwasher-safe bowls and change them out daily.

You may want to consider investing in a pet drinking fountain. The constant movement oxygenates the water for a fresher, cooler taste your cats will enjoy. But as with all other water bowls, the fountain needs to be cleaned and then refilled on a daily basis, too.

Coming clean about my bad water bowl keeping ways in this blog has been cathartic. I've shed the guilt and in doing so, hope that some of you reading this post will establish your own little clean water act involving your cat's water bowls and fountains.

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