Service Areas

We're located in Zilker, zip code 78704, &

serve areas within around a 7 to 8 mile radius: 

Downtown, Zilker, Bouldin, Barton Hills, Travis Heights, South Lamar, 

South Congress, Westlake, Rollingwood, Treemont, etc.


If you're just outside our service area we may offer 

30-minute "Happy Kitty" visits or 60-minute "The Cat's Meow" visits.

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Petite Paws, LLC
Austin, TX, USA
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Pet Sitters International  |  Austin Pet Sitters Organization

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Peace of Mind 

While You're Away



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Cats Are Our Passion

Petite Paws Austin is uniquely focused on providing 

in-home pet care for felines.

  • 15, 30, and 60-minute in-home drop-in visits

  • Update cat owners with visit notes & pictures or short videos

  • Free one-hour in-home new client meet & greet consult with the sitter ($45 value)

  • Overnight stays available, learn more

  • Local, Austin-based woman-owned & operated small business

  • New! Anxious Kitty service option available with daily 30 & 60 minute visits. Clinically-tested calming auditory enrichment.

There's No Place 
Like Home

Naturally territorial, cats are most comfortable and at peace in familiar, secure surroundings. Our personalized in-home cat sitting services provide affectionate, interactive, one-on-one attention and loving care from an experienced feline pet care professional. You can rest easy while you're away knowing your cats are in the best hands with Petite Paws Austin.

"I Will Love & Care For Your Cats As My Own"

"I tried several cat sitters and wasn't impressed. I tried boarding Casper and he was so unhappy it took him weeks to get back to being his old self. Then I was referred to Petite Paws Austin. Audrey is incredibly gentle, loving and playful with Casper. She's dependable and genuinely cares about the health and well-being of the cats she cares for. As a cat lover, I appreciate that she specializes in cats. You don't just get an add-on or an after thought to a dog walking service trying to make a few extra bucks with cats. My Casper simply adores Audrey. I never worry about him while I'm traveling, which is often, thanks to her reliable, attentive, affectionate, and professional care. She's the best!" - Kurt